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Russia Slaps More Restrictions on Meat Imports From Europe

Russia imported $1.6 billion worth of pork and pork fat from EU last year.

Russia's sanitation watchdog has limited imports of poultry from Germany and beef from Italy, Hungary and Montenegro, it said in a statement Wednesday.

Poultry imports from Germany are restricted starting Dec. 3 due to an avian flu outbreak, Rosselkhoznadzor said. Meat imports from Italy, Hungary and Montenegro were banned due to reportedly revealed infection with bluetongue disease.

The restrictions come on top of food import bans slapped by Moscow on an array of European Union food products this summer in response to Western sanctions over Ukraine.

According to Eurostat, the European statistics agency, Russia imported $1.6 billion worth of pork and pork fat from EU last year. Beef and chicken imports were worth, $147 and $310 million, respectively.

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