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Moscow Thief Causes Crash After Trying to Steal Commuter Train

Russian transportation police officials are on the hunt for a vandal who tried to 'steal' a Moscow suburban commuter train on Tuesday but ended up crashing into another train car parked on the rails.

The mystery train hijacker got into the front car of an electric train at a rail yard in Moscow's northern suburb of Lobnya in the small hours of Tuesday, started the engine, and "took off," a spokesperson for Moscow's railroads said, Interfax news agency reported Wednesday.

The thief did not get far before crashing the engine into another train car that was parked on the tracks, the spokesperson was quoted as saying.

Nobody was injured in the incident, and trains continued to run on schedule, the report said, adding railroad officials are investigating the grand theft case and police were using sniffer dogs to get on the thief's trail.

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