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Moscow Denounces Moldova's 'Political Censorship' of Russian Television

Russia's Foreign Ministry has condemned Moldova's decision to ban the broadcast of certain Russian television channels in the country.

In a statement Tuesday, the ministry said "it is becoming increasingly difficult to hear voices expressing alternative points of view" from those offered by Western media, as Moldova has now followed Ukraine's example and restricted Russian broadcasts.

"We cannot regard the decision of the Coordination Council for Television and Radio Broadcasts to restrict broadcasts of the television channels Channel One, NTV and Rossia-RTR as anything but political censorship and a gross violation of the right to freedom," the statement said.

Arguing that the move by the Moldovan government violates the European Convention on Human Rights, "which has set limits of freedom of expression," the ministry said the ban's "real purpose is to reduce the [Moldovan public's] demand for Russian information."

In July, Moldova banned Russia's state-run channel Rossia-24. Ukraine has also banned several Russian channels since the start of the conflict there, claiming that Russian channels were likely to broadcast misinformation amid deteriorating relations.

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