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Hit by Russia Sanctions, Valio Cheese Sold at Half Price in Finland

Valio, a dairy cooperative, produces about 85 percent of the Finnish exports hit by Russia's sanctions.

HELSINKI — Finland's largest retailer S Group on Friday said it has started to sell products barred from export to Russia in its home markets with a significant discount.

S Group said that during the weekend it will deliver a 100,000 kilogram batch of Valio's cheese, wrapped in Russian labels, to its Prisma store chain in Finland.

The campaign price was 3.69 euros ($4.94) per kilogram chunk, about half of its regular price in Finnish stores.

"The demand has been very strong, it has already ran out in some stores," said S Group spokeswoman Outi Hohti.

She said the retailer was not currently planning other sanction-hit product campaigns, but added it was watching the situation closely.

Valio, a dairy cooperative, produces about 85 percent of the Finnish exports hit by Russia's sanctions. Last week it announced a plan to start job cut talks with labor unions.

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