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Chechnya Hosts Quran Reading Contest for the Hearing, Speaking Impaired

Russia's first-ever Quran reading competition for hearing and speaking impaired devotees was held in the Chechen capital of Grozny this week, according to local television station

Participants in Monday's contest were divided into three categories: those with hearing impairments, those with speech impediments, and those with difficulties in both areas.

All competitors underwent training on how to give lectures on the Prophet Muhammad in sign language and mastered a program on the proper ablution, prayer and reading of the Quran.

The winner of the contest went beyond completing one of the required tasks, having signed 14 chapters of the Quran — above and beyond the required six.

The contest was attended by the man who created the system of Islamic gestures for the deaf, Abdurahman al-Fahayd of Kuwait, who vowed to return to Russia in the future and continue the training course.

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