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Angry Russian Smashes iPhone, iPad With Hammer to Protest U.S. Sanctions (Video)

An angry Russian man who yells, "Barack Obama, we're so fed up with your sanctions," offers some "personal sanctions" by smashing his iPhone and iPad with a hammer on his kitchen table.

He also pours out a bottle of Coca-Cola.

He says the video, which has been watched more than 200,000 times since being uploaded to YouTube last Thursday, is a direct address to the U.S. president.

He adds that he will "categorically refuse" to go to America or even "take one step" inside an American store as long as the U.S. imposes sanctions on Russia.

"I will not spend a single kopek on your crap!"

"McDonald's?! I will walk around it on the other side of the street!"

*Warning: The video contains some Russian curse words.

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