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Russia's Envoy Names Date of Ukraine Gas Talks, EU Out of Loop

Officials from Russia, Ukraine and the European Union will discuss gas supplies on Sept. 12, Interfax news agency quoted Russia's EU envoy, Vladimir Chizhov, as saying on Friday, but EU authorities said they knew nothing about the meeting.

Chizhov was quoted as saying that Russia had already made its suggestions known to Brussels for resolving a standoff between Russia and Ukraine over gas prices.

A European Commission official said: "We don't know about this date."

European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger has brokered a series of talks involving Russia and Ukraine over how much Kiev should pay Russian natural gas exporter Gazprom for its gas deliveries.

The dispute led Moscow on June 16 to halt supplies to Ukraine, which depends on Russia for more than half of its gas needs. Ukraine is also the transit route for up to half of the gas Russia supplies to the European Union, raising the threat of knock-on disruption of supplies.

Oettinger held bilateral talks with Ukraine on the issue in July, but an expected meeting with Russia's energy minister was delayed.

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