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Pet Chihuahua Victim of Second Moscow Petnapping Within Weeks

A pet chihuahua was stolen along with almost $150,000 worth of property in Moscow.

Moscow region police are searching for suspects after a heist of almost $150,000 in property, including a pet chihuahua, five fur coats and a leather jacket and shoes, from a woman's home in a suburb west of the capital.

The heist, amounting to about 5 million rubles ($146,500), took place after thieves broke into the woman's home in Novinki, part of the Istrinsky district, police told the Interfax news agency.

The unfortunate chihuahua becomes the latest pet to have been nabbed during a home break-in.

In June, a pair of armed thieves gained entry to a Moscow apartment and stole a kitten from under the nose of its owner.

The kitten, a wild caracal cat, was worth about 400,000 rubles ($12,000), its owner said.

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