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Omsk Man Builds Fence Out of 'Souvenir' Grenade Launchers

The man had been collecting the bodies of rocket launchers from a nearby military firing range to build a fence at his dacha.

Police in Omsk were in for a surprise on Sunday when they found a grenade launcher in a man's car trunk during a routine traffic stop.

Fortunately, it was not loaded, and the police bomb squad's sniffer dog was able to determine that the vehicle had not been transporting any explosive materials, according to InfoOmsk, an online news portal.

The 21-year-old driver told police the unloaded weapon was given to him as a souvenir from a friend, who was in turn called to the police station to explain where he got the RPG-26 Aglen rocket launcher from, the report said.

The man, identified as a resident of the village of Svetloye, told police he had been collecting the bodies of rocket launchers from a nearby military firing range to build a fence at his dacha.

When police visited his dacha to verify the story, they indeed found a fence made of about 50 grenade launchers, all used as columns.

No charges were filed, and the innovative fence was left untouched.

But police warned the men to avoid visiting the firing range, saying access to the dangerous property was prohibited.

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