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Leaked Tape Reveals Polish Foreign Minister Considers U.S. Alliance Worthless

Polish magazine Wprost said Sunday it has obtained recordings of a private conversation in which the foreign minister says Poland's strong alliance with the U.S. was worthless and "even harmful because it creates a false sense of security."

Using vulgar language and expletives, a person identified as Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski argued that the Polish-U.S. alliance could alienate two key neighbors, Russia and Germany.

"The Polish-American alliance is not worth anything. It is even harmful because it creates a false sense of security for Poland," the person said. "[We are] suckers, total suckers. The problem in Poland is that we have shallow pride and low self-esteem."

While the alleged Sikorski comments do not reveal any illegal actions, if confirmed, they would likely put Poland's top diplomat on the defensive. The prime minister's office said Tusk was likely to address the issue Monday.

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