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Israeli Troops Destroy RT Equipment in Nighttime Raid

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

RT's headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah was damaged late Friday when Israeli troops conducted an overnight raid there as part of a search for three missing Israeli teenagers.

According to an RT correspondent, soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces broke down the doors of Palmedia's headquarters and destroyed equipment in the offices, which are being leased out to several media agencies.

The soldiers confiscated computer devices and hard drives.

"Due to the actions of the military there is no Internet connection in the office. We have lost the archive of video footage and other materials. Office furniture and computers have been damaged," Yafa Staiti, a correspondent for RT's Arabic channel, said in comments on RT's English-language website.

The raid was part of efforts to find three teenagers believed to have been kidnapped from the West Bank last week.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Hamas of kidnapping the three students, though Hamas denied those claims.

The Israeli Army said it has already made dozens of arrests in connection with the case, the latest flare up of tensions between Palestine and Israel since Israel halted peace talks in April.

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