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Cleaner Attempts Bank Heist Using Nothing But a Mop

A cleaner from Novorossiisk nearly completed a daring bank heist using nothing but a mop, a news report said, but her plan was foiled after she failed to clear away the evidence of her crime.

Finding one of the vaults of the bank where she worked was unlocked, the cleaner skillfully destroyed the room's surveillance camera using her mop, Interfax reported, citing the press service of the Interior Ministry's Krasnodar branch.

The 66-year-old woman then appropriated 250 thousand rubles ($7200) and stuffed the money into a garbage bag.

According to police, however, the woman made two fatal miscalculation: footage from the remaining surveillance cameras showed she was the only person in the premise at the time, pointing her out as the culprit. Finger prints and footmarks belonging to the woman were also discovered at the scene of the crime.

After police detained the woman at her home, she confessed to the crime, saying she had needed the money to pay off a loan.

A criminal case has been opened against the cleaner on charges of theft, and an investigation is underway, the report added.

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