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Self-Styled Russian Vampire Slayer Committed to Asylum

A psychiatric evaluation of the "vampire slayer" found that he suffered from a mental illness and was not aware of his actions at the time of the killing.

A 35-year-old man from the Bryansk region has been committed to a mental asylum for compulsory treatment after killing a 63-year-old drinking buddy he believed to be a vampire.

Last September, the two fellow villagers decided to enjoy a few drinks together, according to a statement issued by the Investigative Committee's Bryansk branch. At some point, the younger man became agitated as he realized that his companion was drinking more than he was, and — as he later told investigators — the older man then grew fangs and transformed into a vampire.

The younger man then attacked the "vampire," first using his fists and then working his way up to a crow bar and a screwdriver, which he used to stab the victim.

A psychiatric evaluation of the suspect found that he suffered from a mental illness and was not aware of his actions at the time of the killing. A court has thus sentenced him to mandatory treatment at a mental health facility. 

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