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Tatarstan Woman Arrested for Pop Montage Starring Adolf Hitler

A screenshot of the video starring Adolf Hitler for singer Nataly's pop song “Oh God, What a Man.”

A young woman from Tatarstan was handed a five-day jail sentence for posting online a pop video starring Adolf Hitler, local police announced Tuesday.

The video reportedly featured last summer's smash hit by pop singer Nataly, the title of which translates to "Oh God, What a Man." The lyrics go on to relay the singer's desire to procreate with the man about whom the song was written.

The offending video, posted on social networks, juxtaposed the tune with archived footage of Hitler and the Nazis, police said.

Local prosecutors identified the culprit as Alsu Bagautdinova, a 20-year-old student from the city of Nizhnekamsk, and reported that she was convicted last Saturday.

However, at least four other videos putting the Nazi dictator against the soundtrack of "Oh God, What a Man" were available on social network VK as of this article's publication.

It remained unclear whether Bagautdinova was aiming for irony, or whether she genuinely endorsed fascist ideals.

The public display of Nazi symbols and paraphernalia is an administrative offense in Russia.

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