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St. Petersburg Battles Crumbling Buildings With 6 Binoculars

St. Petersburg administration battles crumbling buildings with binoculars.

Officials in St. Petersburg have come up with a cunning plan to protect residents from being hit on the head by falling plaster — scouting buildings with binoculars — though it seems the city budget would only allow for 6 pairs.

The "visual" prevention plan comes after two people were injured by falling rubble in March, the head of the city's housing committee Valery Shiyan said, Itar-tass reported Wednesday.  

The six binoculars come in at a total sum of 5,000 rubles ($140), Itar-Tass said, citing the committee's press service.

On a more positive note, the housing head added there had been no reports of people being injured by falling icicles over the winter or spring months.

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