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From Kaliningrad to Yakutia: A 'Happy' Tour Around Russia (Video)

In a country where people think you're missing a screw for smiling at a stranger, public outbursts of happiness are hard to come by. But make no mistake, behind their stand-offish manner, Russians, too, are "happy."

Pharrell William's massive hit has more than 260 million views on YouTube and has spawned thousands of copycat videos all over the world.

Russia is no exception and with Happy videos from Kaliningrad to Yakutia, it is the perfect way to get a taste of modern Russia and its people.


Yakutia is the undisputed winner of the series with scenes shot in -50 C. If you don't smile after watching the cute dinner lady or the kids who look like Ewoks wrapped up in fur prancing around, then you're truly cold inside or you are a State Duma deputy.


What else could you expect from Moscow? Hip and fashionable young people —excepting one man entirely dressed in pink— show their best moves around the capital's most famous landmarks. The video ends with police driving up to Happy dancers on Red Square. We imagine they then got out and said "Happy [expletive]. Now show us your documents."

Moscow Part 2

Another Moscow video has one Happy dancer frolicking in the middle of an eight-lane highway. British readers will note that it features the cooler Chuckle Brother.


Take a trip to snowy Ufa in a video that features lots of kids, including a very young baby in a pram and a tram ride dance.


A beautiful spring day in Kaliningrad with lots of mass dancing, including one across a road in front of bemused driver.


Kazan features a dancing traffic policeman, four kids ripping it up in a metro car, two brides, a baby in a pram and a Kremlin jig.

For those who are pining back to the old days, Russian folk dance also gets a Happy makeover. Somehow it works!

And then, of course, there are those that think the catchy tune is the perfect excuse to make a point about the Red Square military Victory Day parade or gay rights.

To close off on a Happy note, you really should watch that Yakutia one again.

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