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Viral Motorcycle Dog Reunited With BMW

The 10-year old Stitch went viral after his owner uploaded videos of the two cruising through Russia.

A motorcycle-riding dog is to be reunited with his BMW after police in the Kaliningrad region recovered the stolen vehicle.

Stitch, a 10-year old mongrel, rose to Internet fame after videos of him riding on the motorcycle alongside his owner were uploaded to YouTube, gaining him the nickname "Moto-pyos" — Russian for "Motorcycle dog."

Click here for a video of Stitch the motorcycle dog and his owner.

The BMW K 1200 RS was parked outside the owner's house in the town of Sovetsk when it was stolen in early May, Interfax reported citing a regional police spokesman.

After a search lasting a little more than two weeks, the motorcycle was found in a local garage, a police spokesman was quoted as saying.

Police are continuing to investigate the case, Interfax reported.

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