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Russian Citizenship Language Test to Include 'Interpreting Hidden Meanings'

The Russian language test for foreigners seeking Russian citizenship will include "interpreting hidden meanings," "abstract philosophy" and "artistic texts," a state news agency reported.

If the test-taker fails, he or she will have to wait one full year before being eligible to take the exam again, RIA Novosti reported Tuesday, citing a statement from the Federal Migration Service.

President Vladimir Putin earlier signed a law simplifying the procedure for citizens of former Soviet republics to obtain Russian citizenship, though they must prove they speak Russian fluently.

Those whose relatives live or lived on the territories of the former Soviet Union or Russian Empire are exempt from the test.

A special commission will determine whether test-takers "comprehend and adequately interpret" a variety of subjects in the Russian language, including "professionally oriented" topics.

The test-taker will also need to comprehend the content of "radio and television broadcasts and films" and the "social, cultural and emotional characteristics of a speaker," and "interpret popular expressions and hidden meanings," the report said.

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