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Putin Wants to See Ex-Wife Married Off Before Finding New First Lady

Vladimir Putin will not think about remarrying until he sees his ex-wife Lyudmila married off, the president said at his annual call-in show Thursday.

"First I have to see my ex-wife Lyudmila Alexandrovna married, and only then think about myself," Putin said, referring to his former partner by the polite form of name and patronymic, in response to a question about when the country could expect to see a First Lady again.

Putin and his wife, who have two adult daughters, announced last year that their marriage was over after nearly 30 years together, citing the president's intense workload and public lifestyle.

The Kremlin said earlier this month that the divorce had been finalized.

The media had speculated for years over their relationship as Lyudmila appeared in public increasingly rarely.

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