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Museum of U.S.-Nato Aggression Opens in Vladikavkaz

A museum dedicated to the victims of U.S. and NATO military aggression has opened in the North Caucasus city of Vladikavkaz.

The exhibition, which is housed at the National Scientific Library of North Ossetia, opened Thursday to visitors over the age of 16, and displays artifacts "attesting" to "the state terrorism" of Western nations, organizer Vyacheslav Lagkuyev said, Interfax reported.

Among the themes of the exhibition are the conflicts in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan — each of which has its own display in the museum. The U.S. war in Vietnam and the NATO bombing of Serbia are also detailed in the exposition.

A special place in the museum has been set aside to celebrate Russia's "enforcement of peace" in Georgia, with whom it went to war against in 2008 over breakaway regions South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

At the time, both the U.S. and NATO condemned Russia, saying that its actions were threatening to the territorial integrity of Georgia.

"The exhibition is meant to remind visitors how the U.S. imparts its own understanding of the word 'Freedom' to other countries" said Lagkuyev.

"This is the only museum on this subject in Russia" said Lagyukov, adding that people from across the country had contacted the organizers to say they had their own "documentation" of NATO atrocities that they wished to be put on display.

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