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Guitar Virtuoso to Avoid Politics on Russian Tour

Steve Vai says he hopes to provide relief for those fatigued by politics.

Unruffled by worldwide speculations announcing a new cold war, U.S. rock guitar genius Steve Vai is on a tour through Eastern Europe.

 "For years I have been trying to get into some of these [Russian] cities, and it has been very difficult, especially now, because of all the political unrest," Vai told The Moscow Times, adding that he was very excited to come.

As part of the 2014 tour, aptly named "An Evening With Steve Vai," Vai will play in 11 Russian cities and Kiev this April.

It is the first time that guitar legend is undertaking such an extensive concert series through the Russian Federation.

Aware of the current international tensions, Vai emphasized that visitors should not expect any political statements during the show scheduled in Kiev.

"Our music is not political, I do not make statements," Vai said. However, the stunt guitarist does intent to elevate current emotions in his own skillful way.

"I think it will be a good relief for the people who are interested in the kind of music that I do, and who are a little, maybe, fatigued with all the politics," Vai said. "A concert is a great place to go and just leave the world outside."

Tirelessly touring the world since the 1980s, Vai's refined technical play has placed him among rock music's luminaries. The former student of Joe Satriani has performed on stage with legends like Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, Joe Jackson and MotЪrhead.

Over the years, Vai has won innumerable prizes, among which are three Grammys, and has sold more than 15 million albums.

Nonetheless, Vai does not feel like he has reached his limit just yet. "I do not feel like I have made a record that expresses my full potential on guitar," said Vai, in a post on his website.

"I am getting older and at some point I am going to hit a wall physically. While I still have the chops to do it, I want to make my definitive guitar statement."

"An Evening With Steve Vai" will perform in Moscow on 26 April at Glavclub, for tickets visit

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