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Red Line Metro Station Gets New Name

A Moscow metro station at the top of the Red Line is getting a new name.

Ulitsa Podbelskogo is being renamed Bulvar Rokossovskogo in honor of the Polish Soviet military leader who became marshal of the Soviet Union, the highest rank in the country's army, in 1944.

The decision was made last month at a meeting of an interdepartmental renaming commission, the minutes for which were published on the Moscow Public Relations Committee's website.

It is unclear exactly when the name will be changed.

Konstanty Rokossowski, born in Warsaw under the Russian Empire, was one of the most prominent Red Army commanders during World War II.

He is renowned for  Operation Bagration in 1944, in which Soviet forces pushed the occupying German Army out of Belarus and eastern Poland.

He went on to serve as marshal of Poland in 1949.

In Russian he is known as Konstantin Rokossovsky. He is buried at the Kremlin Wall in Moscow.

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