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Georgian Midfielder Saves Rival Ukrainian Footballer's Life (Video)

Play between Ukrainian football teams Dynamo Kiev and Dnipro Dniepropetrovsk came to a frightening halt when Dynamo player Oleh Husyev collapsed on the pitch and players rushed to save the midfielder's life.

Taking an accidental knee to the head from Dnipro's goalkeeper, Husyev lost consciousness and fell to the ground — reportedly choking on his tongue — before Georgian midfielder and Dnipro captain Jaba Kankava ran over and forcibly cleared his opponent's airways.

Husyev regained consciousness on the field before being taken off on a stretcher. Dynamo's team doctor later said that the player was lucky to have sustained only a medium concussion, bruises and injured teeth.

"There's one thing I can say for sure," the head of the hospital where Husyev is being treated said, CNN reported " The Dnipro player saved Oleh's life."

Video from the game shows a group of players surrounding the downed player, with Kankava rolling back in pain after apparently being bitten by Husyev while he was trying to help him regain consciousness.

Dnipro went on to win the game 2—0 and leapfrog Dynamo in the Ukrainian Premier League standings. Husyev returned to Kiev with his team where he is undergoing further medical examination.

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