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Temperatures in Moscow Set to Rise, Weather Bureau Says

Temperatures in Moscow are expected to rise between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius on Friday and will continue rising throughout the weekend, the weather bureau said.

On Thursday, temperatures dropped to minus 12 C in the capital and as low as minus 19 C in the Moscow region, but will rise to about 6 C on Friday, a spokesperson for the city and regional weather bureau said, Interfax reported.

The warmer weather will be accompanied by gusts of wind, the spokesperson added.

Temperatures will continue to rise over the weekend and early next week, reaching up to 15 C on Monday, the weather bureau said.

After an unusually warm winter in Moscow, temperature records were broken at least three days in a row earlier this month, with the thermometer climbing to 13.5 C last week before another cold spell set it.

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