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Maidan Protesters Set Out Criteria for Members of New Government

Representatives of the Ukrainian protest movement have drawn up a list of their criteria for future members of the national unity government.

The so-called Circle of National Confidence, which says it comprises the key organizations of the Euromaidan protest movement, wants to exclude the top 100 richest people in Ukraine from running for government positions, Interfax reported Tuesday.

Heads of executive bodies and employees of former President Viktor Yanukovych's administration since 2010 are also barred from running for government posts, as is anyone complicit in human rights abuses or corrupt activities, says a document released by the Circle, or Kolo.

The document also says that candidates for ministerial posts must have at least seven years work experience in the relevant field and five years in leadership positions.

This requirement does not apply to the Interior Ministry, Security Service or Defense Ministry.

Every member of the government will have to be approved by the Maidan, while members of Kolo will not run for any government positions, the text added.

Instead, Kolo will act as as a mediator between the Maidan and the managers who will hire people, says Bishop Stefan, who represents the spiritual wing of the protest movement.

Other groups represented in Kolo are the Maidan's unofficial medical staff, the right-wing group Right Sector and the motor-group Automaidan that helped to block streets during the protests against Yanukovych.

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