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Lost and Found, Norway's Biathlon Champion Retrieves Rifle

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen at the Biathlon World Cup in 2006. Gotz A.Primke

Norway's biathlon champion, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has retrieved his rifle after reporting earlier that it had been lost on his way home from the Winter Olympics.

The rifle had been delayed together with his luggage and arrived in Zurich on a later flight, RIA Novosti reported.

Earlier Bjoerndalen, who is the most decorated Winter Olympic athlete of all time, reported that his rifle had gone missing while flying to Zurich from the Russian Olympic host city Sochi.

"If the rifle is not found it will be a very big problem for me," he said earlier.

Now that Bjoerndalen has been reunited with the rifle and his luggage, he will continue his trip home to Norway.

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