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Medal Recap: Day 10

Feb. 17 Medal Winners

Men's Ski Jumping Team

Gold- Germany

Silver- Austria

Bronze- Japan

Men's Freestyle Skiing Aerials

Gold- Anton Kushnir, Belarus

Silver- David Morris, Australia

Bronze- Zongyang Jia, China

Figure Skating, Ice Dance — Free Dance

Gold- Meryl Davis and Charlie White, U.S.

Silver- Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, Canada

Bronze- Elena Ilnykh and Nikita Katsalapov, Russia

Men's Bobsleigh Two-Man

Gold- Alexei Voevoda and Alexander Zubkov, Russia

Silver- Alex Baumann and Beat Hefti, Switzerland

Bronze- Steven Holcomb and Steven Langton, U.S.

Women's Biathlon, 12.5km Mass Start

Gold- Darya Domchareva, Belarus

Silver- Gabriela Soukalova, Czech Republic

Bronze- Tril Eckhoff, Norway

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