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Low-Coster Dobrolyot Advertisement Offends Railways

Aeroflot's newly minted low-cost carrier Dobrolyot has removed from its website a phrase in an advertisement after a Russian Railways subsidiary complained to the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

"Are you tired of long, uncomfortable trips on the train, and high prices for airline tickets? So are we." — the carrier's website asked, causing the Federal Passenger Company, or FPK, to complain to the regulator on Jan. 27, Itar-Tass reported Thursday.

Dobrolyot's press service declined to comment on the situation. The passenger train company said earlier the complaint was made at the request of the rail firm's chief executive and a vice president of state-owned Russian Railways.

"The posted information is a confirmation that the behavior of [Dobrolyot] is intended to gain commercial advantage by discrediting the activity of a competitor, in this case FPK, and violates the federal advertising law," the rail company said in a statement.

"Passenger air travel is a competitor to passenger railway travel. Depending on requirements for speed, availability and comfort levels, passengers chose the services of the corresponding type of transportation. In this sense, commenting on the length and lack of comfort of train trips directly affects the interests of FPK," the statement said.

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