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Journalist Kashin Sues FSB for 'Not Investigating Attack'

Supporters of Oleg Kashin at a picket in 2010. The banner reads, 'Who beat up Oleg Kashin?” Andrei Makhonin
Journalist Oleg Kashin has filed a complaint with a Moscow district court accusing the Federal Security Service of failing to investigate a brutal attack that had left him in a coma for a week three years ago, his lawyer said.

Kashin is also asking the Basmanny court to rule that an Investigative Committee official violated his rights under the European Convention on Human Rights by refusing to show him case materials related to the investigation, lawyer Rakhmet Akhmettaliyev told Vedomosti.

Kashin, who has blamed the attack on a pro-Kremlin youth movement and its allies among Russian nationalists and soccer fans, said in his complaint that investigators conducted an initial round of questioning and forensic tests properly, but failed to follow up on any leads.

"During the past two years, investigative bodies and the Russian FSB have essentially done nothing and have failed to undertake any effective measures to follow through with the possible versions of the crime and the people who have committed it," Kashin said in his complaint.

After Kashin was beaten in the courtyard of his home in Moscow in 2010, then-President Dmitry Medvedev ordered law enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough investigation. But, Kashin said, the inquiry ground to a halt after Medvedev announced in 2011 that he wouldn't run for a second term.

Kashin quoted investigators as telling him the matter was dropped because "the case involves influential people."

Kashin, who has served as a political opposition leader, lost his job at Kommersant over what his colleagues at the newspaper attributed to a conflict of interest between his political activity and his work as a journalist. Kommersant's editor said that Kashin's work for other media, while ignoring his duties to his employer, were the grounds for dismissal.

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