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Cabinet Sets 1.6 Million Quota For Foreign Work Visas in 2014

Authorities have established a quota for work permits for foreign workers to be issued next year.

More than 1.6 million foreigners, including more than 275,000 unskilled laborers, will receive a work permit in 2014, an order published on the Cabinet website said.

Last year, the number of work permits for foreign workers totaled 1.7 million.

The government has also authorized issuing nearly 358,000 work visas to foreign employees, compared to 410,000 work visas in 2013.

Work permit quotas were based on the hiring authorization requests submitted by Russian employers in May this year.

The largest single quota was allocated to mining and construction workers, who may receive nearly 557,000 work permits. Unskilled laborers made up the second-largest category.

Drivers and train operators may receive nearly 119,000 work permits, followed by metal and machinery workers, with 108,000 permits, and skilled agricultural and forestry workers, with 85,000 permits.

Science and engineering specialists may receive nearly 23,000 work permits, while administrators and managers may receive more than 79,000.

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