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Siberian Man Goes Fishing, Catches Sawn-Off Shotgun

NOVOKUZNETSK — A man in Siberia reeled in more than he bargained for on a recent fishing trip, when he landed a stash containing a sawn-off shotgun and grenade and arms parts, local police said Wednesday.

The resident of Novokuznetsk had just started fishing in a river from a boat when he felt something heavy on the end of his line. When he reeled in his catch, the man discovered he had caught a sack of rusty armaments, police said in a statement.

The sack contained a sawn-off shotgun, 10 grenade parts, gun bolts and other weapon parts, the statement said, without specifying when the man had made his catch.

It was not clear as of Wednesday who the stash belonged to or how it had ended up in the river.

"For some time, the fisherman kept his haul at home, as he didn't know what to do with it," police said.

He took the miniature arms depot to the law enforcement authorities during a local operation when residents could hand in weapons in exchange for money. The fisherman will receive 6,500 rubles ($201) for his catch.

Under the arms amnesty, the region's police have collected over 23,000 cartridges, 56 grenades and 50 kg of explosives since May.

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