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Novorossiysk Library Hires Cat as Assistant

At a time when immigration continues to be a hot button issue in Russia and critics claim that undocumented workers are taking jobs away from hard-working Russians, the city of Novorossiysk has gone one step further and breached the interspecies employment barrier by hiring a cat.

A mysterious cat know only as Kuzya showed up at the Novorossiysk children's library with no work experience or documentation to prove his Russian origins.

The library staff were quick to coddle the undocumented worker and hired him on the spot, Channel One reported.

Kuzya, who wears a dapper bow tie while strolling through the libraries shelves, was provided with a passport and promoted to a full assistant librarian by a special order of the library's director.

His wages, however, can only be called subhuman, as he earns just 30 cans of Whiskas cat food a month.

The cat is not the only example of animals who have recently found work in Russia. Last week, Tomsk oil and gas workers took in a bear cub and hope to train him to move pipes in exchange for food.

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