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Military Will Sing National Anthem Every Day

To boost the military's morale, Russian servicemen in all units will start each day by singing the national anthem.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu gave the order on Wednesday at a ministry meeting dedicated to patriotic education and morale in the armed forces, Interfax reported.

The minister also commissioned a list of books extolling patriotism and military valor that soldiers will be required to read. He believes creating a special history course for enlisted men and women would strengthen morale and should be part of all military training courses.

Shoigu asked officers to promote the custom of making "dembelsky albums," handmade scrapbooks of conscripts' tours of duty, to highlight the unique history of each military unit. The albums are a long-standing tradition that began in the Soviet army.

Though focused on raising troop morale, Shoigu also expressed concern over drug use in the army's ranks. He authorized the military medical service to set up a system for drug-testing servicemen, from privates to commanding officers.

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