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Furniture Company is Most Profitable Franchise, Forbes Says

Furniture retailer and manufacturer Feliks has been ranked top of Forbes magazine's list of the 25 most profitable franchises in Russia.

The Russian-language version of the magazine reported Monday that shops opened as part of the Feliks franchise were recording profits of up to 40 percent.

Supermarket chain Perekryostok-Express took second place, followed by Positronika electronics stores. InCity clothes stores came fourth and Mr.Doors, another furniture retailer, was fifth.

The ratings were based on several criteria, including the margin between a business's initial investment and its profits, as well as the size of turnover recorded in a single outlet.

Only companies with 30 or more outlets were considered by the magazine in compiling the list. Also, an investment of 300,000 rubles ($10,000) must have been spent on the opening of each stores.

Companies that started selling their franchises later than 2011 were not taken into account.

The ranking most widely represented franchises in the non-food sphere of retail. Their total revenue last year amounted to 35.4 billion rubles, which is more than all other types of franchise combined.

About 11 billion rubles were earned by entrepreneurs who opened cafes and restaurants under foreign brands, reported.

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