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TV Judge Tarasov Found Dead in Apartment

The body of popular television show host and lawyer Boris Tarasov has been found in his central Moscow apartment, a news report said Monday.

Police had to break down the door of the 61-year-old's apartment on Prospekt Mira after his neighbors called the police, saying they could smell a corpse, Interfax reported.

According to Interfax, Tarasov died two weeks ago, while sources in the police told RIA-Novosti that the body was in the apartment for a week.

No cause of death has been announced by police yet, but state-owned LifeNews reported that according to preliminary investigations, Tarasov was not murdered. Police, who are still working at Tarasov's apartment, said there would be an investigation into his death.

Tarasov, a former prosecutor, was known to the public as the host of Sud Idyot, a courtroom television show on Rossia 1, in which he played a role of a judge. He also worked as a defense lawyer, being a member of a Moscow Bar Association.

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