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Watchdog Rejects Another Georgian Wine

The Federal Consumer Protection Service has barred the import of yet another Georgian wine maker's products, a news report said Friday.

Head of the consumer rights watchdog Gennady Onishchenko said the agency had issued nine more certificates of non-compliance with quality standards to wine produced by the Imedi-96 company, Interfax reported.

Earlier this week, the agency rejected three brands of wine produced by Shukhman Wines and five brands of brandy manufactured by Askaneli Brothers, one of the major producers of alcoholic drinks in the country.

The ban on Georgian alcohol and mineral water was officially lifted on March 15. Since then, 12 producers have received 152 registration certificates, while 81 alcohol brands from seven manufacturers are currently being evaluated, Onishchenko said.

However, 17 brands of Georgian alcohol produced by three companies have been rejected.

Russia introduced the ban on Georgian alcohol and mineral water in 2006 citing quality concerns.

Asked when Georgian wine will return to the Russian market, Onishchenko said that it is up to the Justice Ministry to authorize it. He referred to it as a "technical matter."

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