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Gazprom Neft Makes Record Payouts

Huge bonus checks have been handed out to board members at Gazprom Neft, as senior management and shareholders celebrate a "record year", Vedomosti reported.

Dividends of 44 billion rubles ($1.37 billion), up 27.4 percent on 2011, were approved at the annual shareholders meeting on Friday.

The company, 96 percent of which belongs to Gazprom and Gazprom Finance, achieved "record" EBITDA of 323 billion rubles in 2012.

Each non executive member of the board will receive 16.2 million rubles, equivalent to 0.005 percent of EBITDA.

Alexei Miller, Gazprom's president and member of the board at Gazprom Neft, receives an extra 50 percent on top of his amount, and will take home 24.3 million rubles.

For 2011 results board members of Gazprom Neft received remuneration of between $506,000 and $540,000 each.

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