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Red Army Veteran Collaborated With Nazis

A Red Army veteran was found to have been a Nazi collaborator by the Moscow region prosecutors office after obtaining materials from their Belorussian colleagues.

Prosecutors said that the decorated veteran, Sergei Maslov, 90, assisted the German army after being captured in 1942 and took part in operations against members of the resistance movement, Moskovsky Komsomolets reported Tuesday.

He was then captured by the U.S. military before being returned to the Soviet side against his will, according to the report.

The man in question served a lengthy prison sentence in Belarus, after which he moved to Russia, residing in Pushkino, Moscow region. In 1980 he was able to obtain documents proving that he was a war veteran. The documents allowed him to receive benefits and medals commemorating the victory.

Moscow prosecutor Alexander Anikin asked the court to deny Maslov veteran status and all the medals he received over the years.

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