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3 Die in Krasnodar Plane Crash

Wreckage of the seaplane after the crash that killed its 3 occupants.

A private plane crashed in Krasnodar region on Sunday night, killing the three people onboard, the Emergency Situations Ministry said.

The seaplane crashed at 8:50 p.m. Moscow time in the Dinsky district near the village of Belevtsy.

All three people onboard, a 40-year-old pilot and two men aged 27 and 32, were found dead when rescuers arrived at the scene shortly after the crash, said the authorities.

Preliminary reports say the plane was conducting a crop-dusting operation, Interfax reported.

The cause of the crash is being investigated by the Krasnodar Transport Prosecutor's Office, according to the body's spokesperson Agnessa Savchenko.

It has already been determined that the plane's flight was not authorized and the plane was not registered anywhere, a local police source said.

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