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Hot Water to Be Switched Off Starting May 13

Moscow authorities said Friday that they will start turning off the hot water supply for maintenance works in some parts of the capital from May 13.

Every year, officials across the country deprive residents of warm showers for a period of up to several weeks in order to carry out necessary repairs on heating pipes. In recent years, the hot water outages have been shortened.

Pavel Livinsky, a senior city official, said in a statement on City Hall's website that Muscovites would be without hot water for between three and 10 days this year.

In some buildings, however, the hot water won't be switched off at all, he said, adding that the number of such buildings would rise to almost 4,000 this year.

City residents can find out the length and start date of the planned hot water outage in their building on the Moscow Energy Company's website or by calling the company's hotline on 8 495 662 50 50.

Moscow authorities have promised that there will be no hot water outages by 2017.

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