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Fraud Scheme Busted in Moscow Region

The police have busted a criminal group involved in "hostile takeovers of land plots," that had been operating in the Moscow Region and was about to bilk investors out of 2 billion rubles ($67 million), the Interior Ministry's press center announced.

"It has been established that criminals organized an advertising campaign, including over the Internet, in which they proposed to sell 270 homes in the housing community called Camelot," the ministry said, Intefax reported.

The police reported that the property actually belonged to another owner. The general director of SuperStroi Company, Tofik Kuliyev, has been arrested, as part of the bust. Police said it is the second time he has been arrested for organizing such a scheme.

The land plots in the Camelot village that Kuliyev tried to sell actually belong to the non-commercial partnership Rosinka.


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