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City Earmarks Extra $1.27Bln for Infrastructure

Moscow's economic policy and development department plans to spend an additional 39 billion rubles ($1.27 billion) on various infrastructure projects this year, Interfax reported Tuesday.

The additional investment will boost the investment program's budget to 497.4 billion rubles, the department's press office told the news agency.

With the extra funds, the government plans to increase the city's newly constructed residential space by 20,000 square meters to 1.87 million square meters by 2015, as well as build nine extra kindergartens and 11 more schools.

The city also plans to build 12 clinics instead of the previously planned 10, seven recreational centers instead of one, eight museums instead of five, and four theaters instead of three.

The authorities plan to spend 15.1 billion rubles to build part of the Moscow-St. Petersburg highway and to repair Mozhaiskoye Shosse and Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

This year, an extra 7 billion rubles will be spent on measures to improve road traffic conditions, 1.5 billion rubles will be allocated to develop walking routes in the city center, and 700 million rubles to improve the landmarks of downtown Moscow.

Moscow's transportation department will receive an additional 7.2 billion rubles, 2.4 billion of which it will use to purchase 76 trolley buses and 170 buses. The fuel and energy department will also receive an extra 4.9 billion rubles.

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