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Left Front Co-Founder's House Searched

Boris Kagarlitsky, a co-founder of the Left Front movement, said Wednesday that investigators had raided his home in connection with violent clashes with police at a May 6 opposition protest on Moscow's Bolotnaya Ploshchad.

"I am attending a seminar in Berlin, but my house is being searched in connection with the Bolotnaya case. They couldn't have waited?" Kagarlitsky wrote on Twitter.

There has been no official confirmation that investigators are searching Kagarlitsky's home. Kagarlitsky, a prominent sociologist and left-wing political activist, also heads Institute of Globalization and Social Movements and writes an opinion column for The Moscow Times.

The sanctioned "March of Millions" protest on May 6 saw about 400 detentions during and immediately following the clashes with police.

Nineteen suspects are facing charges over the violence, and several opposition leaders have been repeatedly questioned amid claims that the investigation is politically motivated.

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