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Drunk Man Survives 20-Story Fall

A drunk Vladivostok resident slipped and fell from a balcony 20 floors up but miraculously survived after landing on the roof of an SUV parked below.

The unidentified survivor lost his balance while leaning out of the balcony of his flat and smoking late Monday in the far eastern city's Pervomaisky district, a police spokesman told Interfax. Family members ruled out suicide.

Vladivostok police's press service later told Argumenty I Fakty that the man was drunk at the time of his fall but speculated that the alcohol in his blood could well have saved his life.

After the terrifying drop, the unidentified man crashed down on the roof the SUV, which set off the car's alarm and prompted eyewitnesses to call an ambulance, the news agency said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the man remained in an intensive care unit in a Vladivostok hospital, where he is being treated for multiple injuries.

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