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First Superjet Heading to Indonesian Airline

The first Sukhoi Superjet 100 built for an Indonesian airline is undergoing final fittings and is expected to be delivered by year-end.

The aircraft, with tail number MSN 95022, has landed at the Ulyanovsk airport for interior works and livery painting before heading to the airline Sky Aviation, Interfax reported Monday.

The Jakarta-based regional airline, which has ordered 12 of the Russian planes, lost 14 employees when a Superjet slammed into an Indonesian mountain during a demonstration flight on May 9. Pilot error has been blamed for the crash, which killed all 45 people on board.

Another Indonesian airline, Kartika Airlines, has an outstanding order for 30 Superjets.

The Russian government hopes the plane will help resurrect the country's aviation industry, which has deteriorated since Soviet times.

The first Superjet to be delivered to a foreign customer went to Armavia, but Armenia's national airline returned it in August, saying it had failed to meet technical requirements.

Another newly built Superjet landed at the Venice airport in early October for a final fitting before being delivered to the low-cost Mexican airline Interjet.

The SSJ100 is a narrow-body passenger aircraft developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau in the Komsomolsk-on-Amur-based Sukhoi Civil Aircraft aviation plant. The aircraft is capable of carrying up to 95 passengers on medium-range routes of up to 4,500 kilometers.

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