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Couples Not Lining Up for 'Magic' 12/12/12 Wedding Date

Twice as many Moscow couples got married on the date of 11/11/11 last year, but the city wedding registry is not seeing a jump in applications of this year's "magic" date of 12/12/12, Interfax reported Monday.

"There is no boom related to the next 'magic' date in Moscow registrar offices," a registry official was quoted as saying, adding that applications for marriages on Dec. 12 would be accepted until Nov. 10, provided there are "open spaces in the registration schedules."

Last year, Moscow registrar's offices accepted 1,179 marriage applications for ceremonies on Nov. 11, 2011, more than twice the usual number.

Many Muscovites seem to prefer getting married on "magic" dates, according to data from previous years provided by the registrar's office. Thus, a total of 1,678 marriages were registered on July 7, 2007, while 1,597 couples tied the knot on Jul. 8, 2008. Still, only 190 marriages were registered on Oct. 10, 2010.

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