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Moscow's Crazy Roads: Reckless Driver Kills One in MKAD Pileup

On Aug. 19, a motorist captured the aftermath of a horrendous crash on the Moscow Ring Road. The footage was only published online Monday, with the commentary of a passenger whose friend was killed in the three-car pileup.

According to the passenger, his car collided with a KamAZ truck after part of its wheel axle broke off and flew into the middle of the road. When his friend got out of the car to inspect the damage, a speed junkie coming up behind slammed first into him, then into a nearby car and then into the KamAZ truck.

The passenger's friend later died of his injuries, which included damage to his spine and internal organs, in a Moscow hospital. According to the passenger, investigators are pressing for a suspended sentence for the guilty driver.

Take a look at how the MKAD crash looked moments after it happened by clicking on the link above. The Volvo driver at fault is seen early on weaving between lanes of traffic, and the victim of the driver's recklessness is seen lying on the tarmac after being struck.

Moscow's Crazy Roads:

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