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40% of Moscow Region Water Doesn't Meet Sanitary Standards, Official Says

The official said that roughly 1,100 kilometers of water pipes, or 36 percent of the region's network, were worn and needed replacing.

A senior Moscow region official said Tuesday that 40 percent of the region's water supply doesn't meet sanitary standards.

German Elyanyukhkin, the region's top official for public utilities, made the comments at meeting of the Moscow region parliament and promised more than 17 billion rubles ($546 million) worth of investment to rectify the problem.

Citing a regional project titled "Clean Water," Elyanyukhkin said that authorities would attract almost 16 billion rubles from private sources, with the remainder coming from regional and state coffers.

Elyanyukhkin said that roughly 1,100 kilometers of water pipes, or 36 percent of the region's network, were worn and needed replacing.

Among the worst-affected areas, the official listed the towns of Balashikha, Noginsk, Podolsk, Ramensk, Mytishchi, Kolomna and Tomilino.

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