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Video of Low-Flying Chopper Prompts Check by Authorities

Video of a Mi-8 helicopter flying low over a road in Sverdlovsk region last month.

Air transportation authorities are conducting an inquiry in connection with the flight of a Mi-8 helicopter that spooked drivers by flying just a few meters above a road in  Sverdlovsk region.

The Urals division of the Federal Air Transportation Agency will find out who owns the helicopter, which was videotaped by the dashboard camera of a car on a road near the Sverdlovsk region city of Kamensk-Uralsk on Aug. 24, a representative of the Urals division of the aviation watchdog told Interfax.

If the helicopter is owned by the military, the pilot may have been flying low to the ground as part of a special flight exercise, the representative told the news agency. It was unclear whether the pilot could face punishment for flying low over a road.

Another video shot last month also on the dashboard camera of a car shows a Su-24 fighter jet flying low over a highway connecting Volgograd to Rostov-on-Don. The video was shown on a TV program, prompting military prosecutors to open in inquiry in connection with the incident, Interfax reported.

Video of a Su-24 fighter jet swooping over a highway linking Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don last month.

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