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Rusagro to Build Slaughterhouse at Tambov Complex

Rusagro, one of Russia's largest agribusiness groups, has decided to build a slaughterhouse with a capacity of up to 1.8 million animals per year at its pig-farming complex in the Tambov region.

The complex is scheduled to open in 2014, Interfax reported Friday, citing a Rusagro statement.

The company expects that, by that date, the total capacity of the Tambov complex and production facilities in the Belgorod region, which include 15 farms, will exceed 220,000 tons of meat (over 2 million animals) per year.

The complex in the Tambov region will cost an estimated 3.5 billion rubles ($109 million). The company plans to receive government subsidies of more than 300 million rubles.

Rusagro decided this month to build an additional farm in the Tambov region with a capacity of 16,200 tons of meat products per year.

The Tambov pig farm complex project envisages construction of seven farms with a combined capacity of 115,000 tons of meat per year. Construction of the complex is continuing according to schedule, and one farm has already been put into operation, the company said earlier.

The Belgorod complex's farms, located in the Shebekinsky and Volokonovsky districts of the Belgorod region, have the capacity to produce more than 62,000 tons of pork per year, according to Rusagro's website.

Rusagro is one of Russia's largest producers of pork, sugar, margarine and mayonnaise. The group includes more than 35 agribusinesses, seven sugar refineries, an oil and fats plant in Yekaterinburg and a number of trading subsidiaries.

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